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会社概要_seaside hub(シーサイドハブ)

The founding members of seaside hub inc., established in 2022, had relocated themselves from Tokyo to Awaji Island, in Hyogo Prefecture. From our office, close to the ocean on the western coast of Awaji Island, where beautiful beaches stretch out across the landscape, we have created a hub, a base from where we can promote the charms and appeals of our new home. Working together with the local community, we are spreading the word about services originating from Awaji Island.


Our three core principles are "contributing to society," "regional revitalization," and "protection of the environment," and we are dedicated to developing circulatory, sustainable social businesses generated from this island.

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seaside hub inc.

Masahiro SatoLinkedIn profile

Tsushi 50, Goshiki-cho, Sumoto-shi, Hyogo, Japan 656-1301

October 26, 2022

our vision

A service originating from Awaji Island that serves as a hub to circulate happiness among people, animals, and nature worldwide

about the founder

Masahiro Sato_seasidehub

With over 10 years of experience in the international fashion, finance, consulting and IT industries, I moved from Tokyo to Hyogo Prefecture's Awaji Island in 2022 where we founded seaside hub inc. Surrounded by nature, Awaji Island's local community and lifestyle are completely different from those in Tokyo. It is an environment where you can feel first-hand the aging of society and population decline.

I decided to start a company in the hope that I could help solve some of the problems that arise from Awaji Island's rural status. Currently, I am planning to launch a series of social businesses from Awaji Island, in collaboration with local people. Together, we will enliven Awaji Island, this place full of beautiful nature, warm people, and delicious foods.


seaside hub inc.
Founder, CEO - Masahiro Sato

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